Have your online practice and polyclinic program

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No installation - No backup - No data loss

Wherever you are, your clinic is there with you!


Patient Registration and Admissionl

Patient card can be opened with one click. All patients’ information and medical history can be entered fast and easily.

Appointment Management

With the Agenda and Appointment List screens, users can effectively follow-up on their patients’ health condition and send reminders via SMS.

Video Examination

Program provides doctors with the option to reach their patients via WhatsApp and perform a visual examination.

Prescription Creation and Tracking

After the examination, prescriptions can be created and listed in Mediclinic program.

Vaccine Tracking

With the vaccination record and follow-up screen, vaccination tracking is fast and easy.

Creating Patient Report

With only one click, recovery, sports and driving license reports can be created from the predefined templates.

Daily Reports

With advanced reporting features, users can examine daily status graphs based on many different criteria, and have insight into multiple income and payment analysis.

Online Payment

Mediclinic users can receive online payments by credit card or online debit cards, and send a secure payment link.


As you can follow the patients with balance, the cash book via Mediclinic, You can also issue your invoices on the system.

Health System Integration

With integration to the official health systems used in the specific country or region, Mediclinic users will be able to instantly reach patients’ data.

e-Prescriptions and self-employment invoice

Mediclinic offers e-prescription integrations that can be used securely with doctor’s e-signature.


It is ready to integrate with private integrators that are widely used in the industry.

Become Mediclinic User in

Only 3 Steps!


Through Mediclinic, users get access to all operations and integrations needed for flawless management of clinics and doctor’s practice offices. With its medical, administrative and financial capabilities and functions, it will become your clinic’s most valuable assistant.


With video call feature available through Mediclinic, patients will have the opportunity to get examination and consultancy services for all their health problems, follow-up on their chronic diseases and have all kinds of health-related needs fulfilled. And all this can be done from the comfort of their home or from the clinic, consultancy room or doctor’s practice offices.


  • Online Payment by credit or debit cards is available.
  • Due to direct integrations with the related banks, there is no need to pay commissions to intermediary payment institutions and companies.