MediPACS DICOM Image Sharing and Archive Program is a system to archive and share in the digital environment images from imaging systems operating on the principles of scanning various parts of the human body wit X-ray and sound waves and displaying with color cameras and other dedicated micro cameras.

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What are advantages of MediPACS?

No Film and Film Development Costs

Images of medical imaging equipment are generally printed on “Medical Films”. With MediPACS, as the medical film is completely eliminated, there is no film cost and film development cost, no need for film development equipment, and it will save on resources, time and labor spent for developing films.

Storage of all patient data

In some medical fields, medical images are not recorded at all or are recorded on video cassettes with the video recorded depending on the properties of the device or a single frame output is obtained from the video printer. However, with MediPACS, patient images can be recorded in a computer database digitally in DICOM format by associating with patient information and retrieved in a short time. There is no need for video records and video printers, video cassettes and special thermal papers.

As medical images of the patient are to be kept in a database, detailed records for previous medical condition will be available and medical treatment will be rendered in a more healthy way.

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Faster access to and analysis of data

Converting images into digital will establish a digital archive. Medical images of a patient can be searched and displayed in the database from any computer on the network.

Digital Measurement

While the patient is being imaged, various measurements can be done later with digital measurement modules in the system, which will accelerate the imaging process.

Critical measurements required during Echo imaging in Cardiology can be made in a more detailed and faster fashion and after the completion of the procedure thanks to the “Digital Measurement Module”, which will shorten the procedure time.

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Image editing

Contrast adjustment, angular adjustment and cropping is possible on the medical image with the “Editing” module.

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Web access

After completion of medical imaging, doctors can identify and diagnose from a location outside the organization.

Sharing images of the baby with the expectant mother

Baby images extracted from the ultrasound device in Obstetrics are highly popular among expectant mothers. Previously, doctors used to print our certain frames to share with the mother. However, video printer device and special thermal paper are extremely costly. With MediPACS, there is no need for video printer and paper, it saves on resources, and images of the baby will no longer be in single frames but be played as a film.

Less exposure to radiation by patients and doctors

As the “Cine” stage is eliminated during angio in Cardiology, the draw current will be significantly reduced, therefore the expose of doctors and patients to radiation will be reduced and the tube lift of the angio device will be prolonged.

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Fast Information Sharing

Medical images will be recorded and shared with the patient in a CD, in case of any complications to occur outside the city, they will be viewed by the available doctor and fast response will be possible.

While sharing with the patient, the name of the hospital or company is printed on the CD/DVD for publicity, and images stored on CD/DVD take less space and last many years.