• There are 33 modules, operating integrated, which monitor all medical, financial and administrative processes.
  • It adapts to the structure of the enterprise with its flexible structure without the need for additional software solutions.
  • Pre-accounting and official accounting procedures are easily monitored with the accounting system in its structure.
  • It is completely designed for private healthcare enterprises.
  • It has application control processes and statistics defined by JCI and Ministry of Health Private Hospitals Quality Standards.
  • It makes detailed stock tracking on quantity and expiry date basis in all depots.
  • Detail organization contracts (service, service group, medical gas, incision type and bilateral agreement allowing SSI invoices for patients with a private insurance) can be monitored.
  • Detailed doctor progress payment calculation is available (calculation at different rates for the enterprise, in-patients and out-patients, performing doctors – voluntary doctors, anesthetist and assistant doctor in the operating team, after cost deduction).
  • Error free information transmission is possible by SSI depending on procedural criteria defined to Medula V3 web service.
  • Integration is possible with Sağlık.Net, Drug Tracking System, Safety Identity Reporting and 112 Emergency Web Services.
  • There is a central management module for multi branch enterprises.
  • Detailed Log Records (first recorder, modifier and before and after values of the modified information with time and IP information on record basis) are monitored.
  • It allows for integration with Laboratory and Radiology devices.
  • It has a Q-Matic – Doctor Waiting Screens.
  • Online Appointment and Online Analysis modules are available.
  • PACS Image Sharing and Archive Module is available.
  • Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, PTR, Dialysis, Dentistry Branch Cards and Customizable Doctor Examination Screen are available.


The Medisoft Hospital Program is comprised of 2 main sections, Medical and Financial.


Patient Admission RegistrationMedical Reports
Doctor ExaminationBarcode Tracking
Polyclinic and Application ProceduresIntervention and Application
Ear, Nose, ThroatOperating Hall Management
OphthalmologyPharmacy and Stock Management
ObstetricsDoctor Progress Payments
In Vitro FertilizationPrice Lists
PediatricsContracted Organizations
CardiologySummary and Collective Invoicing
DentistryMedula Procedures
Physical TreatmentSağlık Net Procedures
DialysisTourism Department
Additional BranchesTechnical Service and Failure Tracking
Laboratory and Radiology ProceduresPay Desk and Payment Collection
Online Monitoring of Medilab Laboratory Results112 KKM (Armakom and Aşkom) – Authorization – Public Relations



Accounting System
Procurement System
Current Accounts
Cash, Bank
Cheques, Bonds, Payrolls
Cash Flow Planning
Financial Statements
Official Books
Medisoft Human Resources Management System



(can be added later as required).

Medisoft Pacs System
Medisoft Inventory Management System
Medi-Rez, Online Appointment System
Identity Validation and Transmission Module
IVR Voice Response System
Doctor Q-Matic Screens
Card Entrance Control System
Restaurant Management System



  1. An integrated system
    Information from medical departments is concurrently reflected on the accounting program. Thus, there is no need for information entry or transmission to the accounting program separately. It saves on time and eliminates the risk of error (an injection procedure is concurrently deducted from the stock, recorded in the financial statements in accounting, it creates progress payment for the doctor, sends a request slip to the pharmacy, it is recorded in the patient file and it sends a work order to the practicing person).
  2. Comprehensive
    It is comprised of 33 departments which can control all divisions of a healthcare facility, including patient records, laboratory tests, stocks, progress payment calculations of doctors etc.
  3. Practical and Easy to Use
    Even those who are not accustomed to computers can learn how to use the sections of their own branches in a couple hours.
  4. Closely follows changes in legislation
    Rapidly makes updates and puts them into practice. Online data exchange with organizations is made in the program. Medula integration has been used actively since it was enabled.
  5. Detailed Cost and Income analysis reports
    Procedure and personnel based monthly, weekly, daily and periodic detailed operating reports are generated.
  6. Advanced Data Security
    Medisoftuses MS SQL database. The program does not slow down irrespective of how much the number of users or the amount of data increases. Automatic back up is available at desired time(s) everyday.
  7. Advanced User Security
    Thanks to the detailed authorization system, everybody can only display the screen they are authorized to do so. Moreover, detailed logs are recorded for all procedures. Therefore, it is possible to know who makes what on which computer and which records are deleted.
  8. Easy Solutions for the Most Complicated Problems
    Clear, simple, practical solutions are offered when multiple parameters are necessary including progress payment calculations and contracted organizations. It can operate concurrently with all organization prices.
  9. Customized Solutions
    Changes are possible to adapt to the operating style of the enterprise thanks to its flexible structure.
  10. Unlimited Reporting
    Decision making processes are accelerated with unlimited reports and analyses to be developed with the reporting tools in Medisoft. All outputs can be taken in any format, Excel, Web, XML or text.
  11. Widespread and Affordable Service
    Talya Bilişim offers uninterrupted service for 24/7 with its expert technical staff operating in 38 dealers and 3 regional offices across Turkey.
  12. Central Management of Multiple Branches
    In this system, while branches can only access their own information, the center can see and intervene with all information in a consolidated way.



Medisoft Stock and Cost Analyis Program  does not only offer you numerical values to demonstrate your stocks but also allows you to see stock movements at your enterprise, plan your purchases and sales, estimate the drug/material consumption trends at your hospital, analyze who your personnel use your stocks and make estimations towards your targets.

Most importantly, you do not expect your depot personnel, material handler, nurse, buyer and all other personnel involved with your stock to be expert stock controllers, you just expect them to fulfill their own duties.


(ANALYST) Purchasing

How many commodities will be purchased this month? The answer is not sufficient if you work with various materials and various sellers. This question will be followed by many other questions. Probably, every question will be answered by personnel from a different division.

In place of thinking about how much pain killer do I need, X brand has made a discount and has interesting promotions, shall we use it? Or our nurses are not content with this gauze bandage, should we change the brand or the seller?…

Stock reports in Medisoft allow you to make correct analysis in processes such as purchasing, as it functions as a mirror to your enterprise. Purchasing approval goes through many processes from the requesting person, to the department head, from purchasing department to accounting and allows for detecting errors and shortcomings and for rendering intervention at the right phase by the right person.


(FAST AND DETAILED) Storage Movements

Medisoft Stock and Cost Analysis offers a simple yet detailed data management system for efficient management of storage processes. Minimum 100 types of materials come from 20 different companies a day and are distributed to your 5 different depots. Do they arrive in packages or boxes? Box price is written on the invoice. There was a need and some materials were sent to the service without entering the depot, is it considered smuggled?

With Medisoft, you can realize an unlimited number of depot procedures on a single screen. You can make depot entries in a few minutes, rather than hours, with mobile terminals.

Type of procedure, entry depot, seller’s name, invoice date, term, material type and unit, row discount – total invoice discount, percentage discount-price discount, transport cost, which personnel made the entry and other criteria for many other statistics are kept on a single depot slip and data is entered very fast with practical definitions.

You can see with a single click which depot has how many materials, how many materials were purchased from which sellers, how many materials you should keep as a minimum or optimum at your depot.


( PRACTICAL ) Stock , Product , Prescription and Production

If you are dealing with raw materials, semi products and finished goods, you need to know why you buy which material, your costs and possible product shortages. If you are using a product without making production, you still generate a service and you buy service (transport etc.) to do so.

Medisoft makes detailed stock, product and prescription definitions and practical identity verifications to be used from entry to your enterprise to consumption and usage stages, and you make error free production and sales procedures.

You can define prices for department or buyer, create different divisions, work with different currencies, and define 150 to 400 dynamic parameters to regulate organization other than fixed definitions such as automatic production, transport costs, compulsory place of production, cost factor, sales department, income group, buying discount, selling discount.


(COMPREHENSIVE) Muliple Branches

Today, enterprises do not operate at a single location, enterprises can have branches operating in different districts, cities or countries. It may also be required to establish a safe, fast and maybe expensive internet and computer infrastructure to work with multiple branches.

At this point, the Medisoft Stock and Cost Analysis offers working with multiple branches at almost zero cost. You can work both online and offline in data transmission without making any infrastructure investment. As with other products of Medisoft, stock outputs from a single center and sales data from branches can be transferred in only 2-3 minutes of connection in counting periods.

Therefore, a single stock officer can make stock analyses of all branches and most importantly, submit consolidated reports to accounting. No Rental Data Line, extra hardware infrastructure, extra personnel etc. investments are required for these operations.


(UNDERSTANDABLE)  Accounting Integration

Saying 15.000 injectors have been consumed this month does not mean anything for your financial advisor or company partners. What is meaningful is that injector production has increased by 50% compared to the same month last year.

Data to be obtained from Medisoft Stock and Cost Analysis can be used by accounting without entering data such as invoice etc. and be automatically reflected on balance sheet and income expense statements. You can also submit pre-accounting reports to your boss to analyze past and future, besides accounting integration You can write down your targets with the budgeting screen and then see how much these targets have been realized.