Medisoft personnel program is a software especially developed for human resources of hospitals and has many additional properties and outstanding features needed by healthcare enterprises.

Significant properties and advantages of Medisoft Human Resources Program:

  • It is easy to use, learn and train.
  • Preferred reports, outputs and official forms are easily prepared, existing ones are easily modified and edited.
  • The definitions section is highly flexible, various work times, additions and deductions are defined, different payroll types are created for locals, expats, temporary or permanent employees and various deduction and premiums can be calculated.
  • The hospital can make personnel employment and planning budgeting.
  • It keeps previous personnel or previous job application pool of the hospital and uses these archives efficiently when new personnel are to be recruited.
  • It meets very important functions in organization and management of hospital personnel:
  • Shift organization is made by departments in the electronic environment, personnel attendance tracking system and scoring system use it.
  • Personnel vehicle and lodging organization is made.
  • It helps organizing personnel training and keeps training information.
  • It stores personnel leaves.
  • It prepares personnel warning and notice forms and keeps their lists.
  • It prints photographed personnel cards, uses them integrated with the personnel attendance tracking system.
  • It makes online wage payments to personnel through banks.
  • It can operate integrated with the job application forms on the web site.

Program Sections


  • Company Cards: Personnel procedures of multiple companies are monitored.
  • Department Cards: Every department can be defined separately.
  • Title and Budget Values: Personnel number and total wages for every department is defined month by month and the budget distribution table can be created.
  • Personnel Vehicles
  • Monthly Parameters: Separate parameters can be defined for every month and payrolls can be created, therefore payrolls of previous months can be controlled.
  • Payroll Types
  • Operation Types
  • Social Benefits
  • Shift Definitions: Shift time and parameters can be defined and the formula for progress payments can be easily generated.
  • Addition and Deduction Definitions
  • Reasons for Leaving from KUR


  • Personnel List: Actively employed personnel’s registry, financial and personnel information is added and edited.
  • Formed Personnel List: Resigned personnel’s registry, financial and personnel information is monitored on a separate form.
  • Personnel Warning and Notice List
  • Tax Deduction List
  • Shift Times
  • Weekly Work Programs
  • Course Programs
  • Personnel Training Organizations
  • Personnel Training List
  • Bank Automatic Payment Order Preparation



  • E-Declaration Parameters:
    – Automatically Create Parameters
    – Document Types
    – Reasons for Absent Days
    – Reasons for Dismissal
    – Laws Applicable to the Insured
    – Company Compulsory Information
    – E-Declaration Information Entry
    – E-Declaration List



  • Foreign Currency Definitions
  • Daily Exchange Rate Entry
  • Changing Currency


Company Reports

  • Company List
  • Company Department List

Registry Reports

  • Personnel List
  • Personnel Address List
  • Personnel Salary Information
  • Personnel Entitlement to Leave
  • Personnel Birthday Report
  • Personnel Blood Type List
  • Personnel Vehicle List
  • Personnel Title and Budget


  • Personnel E-Declaration Codes

Payroll Reports

  • Accounting Roll
  • Tally Sheet
  • Collective Payroll
  • Monthly Abstract Report

Personnel Cost Table

Official Forms

  • SSI Form Entry Declaration

– Preferred Insurance Branch Declaration (Entry if retired)
– Monthly SSI Declaration
– Missing Day Declaration List

  • Ministry of Labor

– Personnel e-Declaration of Employment (Annex-1)
– Personnel Termination Declaration (Annex-2)

  • Turkish Employment Agency

– Employment Termination Declaration (IAB)

– Monthly Labor Schedule

  • Police Department
    – Personnel Identity Statement

Bank Automatic Payment Orders

– Personnel Bank Account Information List

– Personnel Wage Payment List

Foreign Currency Reports

– Foreign Currency List

– Daily Exchange Rate List

– Exchange Rate List by Dates

Other Reports