The Medisoft Operation Management Program (OPEX) is a call register and operation control and management system which records and monitors all jobs, duties, problems, messages, decisions and announcements at the facility. Problems, failures and complaints, periodic works or functions determined by the management are recorded in the system through the respective division or operation control center. You can contact one of our regional offices for further information and demo requests.

With Opex Hospital CRM, it is possible to do the following;

  • Respond all complaints and requests received by the hospital through e-mail and SMS.
  • Record all equipment in the hospital to the system with square code and barcode labels.
  • Create forms for equipment calibration, counter values etc. measurements.
  • Offer necessary information and reporting support for 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management Quality System.
  • Access the system from any device through cloud technology.
  • Track jobs from smart phones and tablets.
  • Track failures in devices in the hospital and service maintenance times over the system.
  • Fill out and report patient/employee satisfaction surveys.


Accelerate Work Flow with Call Management

The Call Management System is used to follow problems and requests received by the hospital and fulfill them in the fastest way possible. Every problem or request received is recorded in the Call Management System and sent to the respective person to answer or eliminate the problem through e-mail and SMS. The entire process until completion of work is monitored over the system. If the work is not completed in expected time, warnings are sent to managers.

Register Your Equipment With Opex

All equipment in the hospital are registered to the system with square code and barcode labels. When labels are read by mobile devices, you can easily learn about the last breakdown, maintenance rendered and to whom the device is entrusted.

Retrieve Measurement Forms From System

You can create forms for equipment calibrations, counter values and other periodic measurements, enter required information on the form easily with mobile devices.

Use The System From Mobile Devices

Opex has interfaces optimized for mobile equipment. Therefore, it can be used on IOS and Android operating system mobile phones and tablets. Requests and complaints which are entered from mobile devices are transferred to the work list of the related divisions, therefore request/problem/complaint management processes are executed fast and flawlessly.

Let Opex Track Periodic Works

Necessary periodic works in this hospital, device maintenance and service procedures are easily defined. The defined works create an automatic work order to the division or personnel in charge on the respective date and their completion processes are monitored.

Easily Track Failures

Errors with equipment and computers used in the hospital are recorded in the system and automatically reported to divisions and personnel in charge with work flow definitions. Agreements with the service company are recorded, maintenance periods are controlled, all failures in the device and procedures rendered by the service company are followed.

Receive Accurate and Fast Feedback With Survey Management

Preferred questions are defined in the system and patient/employee satisfaction can be questioned with surveys.  Surveys can be reported according to score, mean value etc. and satisfaction rates can be compared on yearly and monthly basis.  Reports on survey statistics and summary comments offer baseline data for evaluation of expectations and demands.

Easily Obtain 10002 Quality Certification

It offers necessary information and reporting support for 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management Quality System. When complaint and call notifications are recorded in the system, an automatic information message informing that “the complaint has been received and will be evaluated for a fast response” is sent to the complainant through e-mail and SMS. The complainant is informed during the process and when the procedure is completed through e-mail and SMS.

Cloud Technology

Any device can access the system through a web browser thanks to the cloud technology. It can be easily used on the web without the need for downloading on every computer or mobile device. The use of cloud technology makes it secure and fast.