The Elektra Mobile Hotel Management Program (ElektraPhone), enables hotel management to be able to receive information about the hotel and manage the accounting even when they are away from the hotel using their IPhone or android phone. With Mobile Manage you will be able to connect to the front desk, control accounting statements and approve or halt processes when needed.

What Can You Do With The Mobile Management Application?

1.      You can reach reports about debt, receivable, safe, bank, income, expense etc.

Debt, Receivable Status: You can reach all checking accounts and balances that have receivables or are indebted to the hotel.

Safe Status: You can view the status of all your safes.

Income and Expenses Status: Income and expense accounts can be checked instantly.

Agency Analyses: You can view a 30 day period after the selected date of the total amount of people according to agencies.

Bank Status: Instantly view your bank accounts’ status.

Vacancy Reports: You can check a 30 day period after the selected date of the room, person and income status.

Safe List: You can check your finances (Retainer, Currency Exchange, Collection)

Banquet List: You can examine the meetings, seminars, weddings etc. to be held at the hotel at future dates.

2.    Daily management reports can be examined and hotel vacancy ratios can be analysed.

3.    Instant Situation Reports can be made easily.

Processes pending the approval, rejection or suspension of the hotel manager can be done instantly.

What Kind of Advantages Does the Mobile Management Application Provide Users?

It has become compulsory to use the most advanced technology to increase customer satisfaction which has gained great importance in our current day.

The Mobile Management application not only benefits managers but also increase customer satisfaction. Thanks to this guests can receive information about the hotel and reserve the SPA, tennis court in their own language.

At the same time the guest can view their spending on the hotel instantly on their phone. For instance they can view how much they were charged for using their hotel room phone or their expenses at the SPA afterwards on their phone.

How Does the Mobile Management Application Provide Security?

The technology is used is the most advanced and secure technology. The application functions on one of the most secure datacentres for cloud computing systems in America.

It is not possible for anyone except the user to access and view the hotel data because of the technology used in the Mobile Management Application.

With the Mobile Management Application while managers can view information about the hotel and intervene instantly, guests can also receive information, make reservations and see their expenses instantly.